Inequality: what should be done?

What is inequality? How is it (re)produced? And how is the climate crisis connected to inequality? This course provides a comprehensive overview of different forms of inequality and shows what can be done about them.
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Table of contents

1. What is inequality

1.1 Defining inequality

1.2 Diverse (socio-)economic approaches to inequality

1.3. Resource inequality

      History and presence of global inequality

      Income inequality within countries and regions

      Wealth inequality within countries and regions

     Carbon Inequality

1.4 Vital inequality

1.5 Existential inequality

1.6 Drivers of inequality

2. What can be done about inequality?

2.1 How traditional welfare regimes deal with inequality

2.2 Tackling inequality in times of climate crisis

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • 19 Topics
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