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Towards Economic Literacy in Europe

Economics can appear complicated, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery. We provide basic information which is accessible for everyone and deeper information for adult educators including didactic material for participatory non-formal activities. The courses are free. No registration is necessary.

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Adult educators – trainers, researchers – from universities, NGOs and small businesses in Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Poland and Spain developed courses on learning economics for you. Get inspired. Enjoy learning. Just start.

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Why taking a course with us?

Current issues such as central bank policy, inflation, deflation, working conditions, digitalisation, and others can be highly controversial. This also applies to questions about the financial system, the climate crisis, the gap between rich and poor, the future of labour and various economic “schools”. We discuss different perspectives, so that you can form your own opinion.

Economics determines all our lives. It also shapes the wellbeing of entire societies. Understanding economic issues provides orientation and helps with everyday decisions. 

We live in a world of crises and upheavals. That is why we need everyone’s ideas to enable an economy that is good for people, society and nature.

Those who understand the connections are not so easily fooled. 

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About Us

This learning platform results from a three year’s cooperation between adult educators – trainers, researchers – from seven countries in Europe. Our aim is to foster an understanding of what economy is and to discuss various perspectives on both economic developments and economics itself. Find out more about our group on the project website.

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