Economic Strategies to Manage the Crisis: Austerity or Government Investment Programmes?

What is an economic crisis and how can we identify one? How can governments react to it? Is there only one valid solution? Are different solutions inocuous related to the effects over the population? Who pays the price of the differents possible solutions?
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  1. Introduction
  2. The theory: two opposed models
    1. The neoclassical model
    2. The Keynesian model
    3. Instruments to respond to economic imbalances: fiscal and monetary policies
    4. How do the two models suggest responding to economic imbalances with the respective policy instruments?
    5. Consequences of each economic policy choice
  3. Crisis: The World Economic Disorder and the opposite responses
    1. The Big Depression and the Keynesian model 
    2. The oil crisis and the end of the Welfare State
    3. The neoliberal model and the 2008 financial crisis
    4. The conservative response: austerity
    5. Counter-cyclical response: what government incentives could look like in crisis recovery
  4. The role of Political Economy: further advice
  5. References
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  • 17 Topics
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