1. For more details on the different economic schools, check the chapter “Economic schools of thought: Labour perspective”.
  2. It is important to emphasize that the idea of economic crisis as a phase of a cycle is one of the ways to approach its concept, but not the only one. In general, the concept of crisis is framed within various thematic blocks linked to growth and economic cycles, macroeconomics, current crises and/or public sector intervention.
  3. According to the World Inequality Report 2018: in recent decades, income inequality has increased in nearly all countries, but at different speeds, suggesting that institutions and policies matter in shaping inequality. Since 1980, income inequality has increased rapidly in North America, China, India, and Russia. Since 1980 up to 2018 the global top 1% earners have captured twice as much of that wealth as the 50% poorest individuals.
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