Economic Schools of Thought: Labour Perspectives

What are the differents schools of economic thought? Have you ever thought that thay respond to different historical contexts? Is there one better than the other? Why are they different and what is their approach regarding labour?
  1. Introduction
    1. Origins of economic theory
  2. The classical school 
    1. Adam Smith
    2. Ricardo’s value theory
    3. Karl Marx
    4. Final notes on labour for the classical school
  3. Neoclassical school ( marginalists + Marshall)
    1. Historical background & conformation of neoclassical school
    2. From the labour value theory to utility theory
    3. Marshall value theory
    4. The creation of a labour market
    5. The neoclassical understanding of unemployment
  4. Keynes
    1. Historical background
    2. Keynes’ critics to the (neo)classics
    3. Keynesian new theories
  5. The New Models
    1. History strikes back
    2. Friedman’s return to (neo)classic
    3. Neoclassics’ school revisited: the theory of human capital
    4. Institutionalism and new Marxism
    5. Feminist economics
    6. Ecological economics
  6. Conclusions
    1. New context, same orthodoxy spirit
    2. The Theoretical Approach of the New Orthodoxy in Labour Economics
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  • 18 Topics
  • 2 Quizzes
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