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Quiz Follow-Up

Quiz Follow up. 

This activity may be used as a follow- up to the quiz activity as an in-class activity or given as homework. 


  • To extend the learning from the quiz activity
  • To help students to understand how macroeconomic variables operate in the real economy.


  1. During the answers review, the teacher records the correct ones on the board.
  2. Each quiz group chooses a model and a policy to defend as the best one to solve economic imbalances. Students may be allowed to have the learning material (the table) with them for orientation. 
  3. Invite students to discuss them in their groups, including discussion of assumptions and impacts.
  4. Invite each group to present their argument to the wider group. Departing from an overview of each model, they should explain how they understand how the fiscal and monetary policies of that model affect the real economy and how each model predicts their impact.
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